Medical malpractice is a unique area of the law relating to those injured as the result of some negligence on the part of doctors or other medical personnel. Yelverton Litigators is highly skilled at getting clients the compensation they need to recover from injury when it comes to this complex field of law.

The only way to know for certain whether you have a malpractice claim is to have a South Carolina medical malpractice attorney determine if your injuries constitute malpractice. This area of law is highly complex since your medical history and the law must be analyzed before such a determination can be made.

Anyone responsible for the negligence can be held liable depending on your unique case, including the medical professional(s) you believe are primarily responsible for the negligence, as well as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical practices, nursing homes or other health care facilities. A malpractice claim can only be made if the outcome of your care was the result of your medical provider’s failure to use reasonable care, not due to unhappiness.

There are three broad categories of medical malpractice claims: failure to properly diagnose a medical condition, failure to properly treat a diagnosed medical condition, and failure to obtain the patient’s informed consent before treatment.

In South Carolina, the statute of limitations regarding malpractice is three years from the date of the alleged act that gives rise to the suit. The time limit may be extended in some circumstances.  However, filing can be a lengthy process, making it all the more important that you speak with a qualified attorney.  You could be entitled to compensation which can cover your related medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and in rare cases, punitive damages.


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